Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What exactly are you looking to achieve?
  • What is your priority - functionality or fashion?
  • What is your timeframe for completion?
  • Have you established a realistic budget as best you can?
  • Do you need to consider any Historical or Homeowner Association restrictions before you get too far along?

Other things to keep in mind before starting your Project:

  • The size and scope of your project will ultimately determine how detailed of a plan you will need.
  • Start gathering design ideas by looking at fixtures, finishes, and colors in magazines and the internet.
  • Consider how you will be able to deal with the activity in and around your home during the remodeling process. We make every effort to keep you feeling comfortable and secure during the process. However keep in mind that some projects are more disruptive to family life than others such as a major kitchen or bathroom.

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